Sample cost of living in Kuwait

I am giving you the figures which may give you an idea about cost of living here.

Hope this will help you to calculate your monthly savings and expected salary

If you want a 2 BHK apartment in a decent place to live then you have to be ready to spend around 200 to 300.

KWD (Per Month) For 2 Persons

  • 275 House Rent
  • 75 Groceries+ Misc exps.
  • 100 Car Hire / OR Loan installment + Petrol
  • 5 Land Line Rent
  • 5 Mobile Rent OR Prepaid Card
  • 10 Electricity
  • 10 Internet at home
  • 5 Television Channel Connection

This will sum up to KWD 500 approximately.


  1. Please help me to know rent , food and general salary for senior draftsman in Kuwait?

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