Kuwait Civil ID information

Civil ID is a key instrument to be carried with you all the time while in Kuwait. Information in the Civil ID includes the validity of your stay, expiry date, your sponsor details etc… Some information you should know about Kuwait Civil ID includes the following.

  • Civil ID is issued by PACI (Public Authority of Civil Information) in Kuwait
  • Civil ID validity duration is equal to the residency validity
  • A key identification document / card in any government offices and will request copies of the same in cases where you need to get things done at many offices

You need to apply for Civil ID by preparing the application forms and submitting it at the PACI office. The application is needed only for the first time for renewal, it is online or over the phone.

Checking the Civil ID information Online can be done at the PACI website. PACI website can be used for Civil ID renewal, status, etc… These services can also be achieved by calling the phone number 1889988

Check this link for Obtaining a Family Visa in Kuwait. It also gives details about how you should apply for the civil ID for family.

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