Getting a kuwait driving license

Some residents, such as Westerners, may obtain a Kuwaiti driving license on the strength of their national driving license only. Other nationalities, even if they have a driving license from their home country, are obliged to apply for a learner’s license and pass a driving test.

To obtain a driving license on the basis of a home-country license, an expatriate must present the following at the Traffic Department in the governorate in which he or she lives:

  • passport and photocopy of pages showing personal details and residence stamp,
  • letter from sponsor stating the applicant’s position in the country (employee or dependent)and showing the applicant’s full residential address,
  • proof of residential address, such as copy of tenancy agreement or electricity bill,
  • original driving licence from home country
  • photocopy of original driving licence certified by applicant’s embassy in Kuwait,
  • blood group certificate from a local clinic,
  • sight test certificate if the applicant wears glasses or is over 50 years of age,
  • four color photos (2.0 x 3.0 cm) (9) fee of KD15.
  • attested degree certificates (for those who are on a non-driver visa)

To get the eyesight certificate, a paper from the local traffic department must be obtained and taken to the Ministry of Public Health (MPH) testing clinic in Qortuba.

Persons who are not allowed to get a Kuwaiti driving license on the strength of their national license must go to the License Section in the main Traffic Department in Shuwaikh and obtain approval for a learner’s license (istimara). To obtain approval, an expatriate must satisfy conditions mentioned in the box above. However certain persons are exempt from these conditions.

Once approval has been granted, the applicant must go to the License Section in the Traffic Department in the governorate in which he or she lives. Documents required include

  • Passport,
  • original and copies of civil ID,
  • four passport-sized photographs,
  • company employment letter(if relevant) and copy of work permit from Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour or letter of employment from a ministry.

A KD10 stamp must be affixed to the application form. Then the learner must go to the Traffic Department in Qurtoba for eye and blood tests. The results of the tests, which can be picked up after two days, must be submitted to the License Section for registration. Then the learner must go to the driving test center at the governorate’s Traffic Department to fix a date for a driving test, for which a KD10 booking fee is levied. KD10 must also be paid on the day of the test.

Renewing a Driving License

Kuwaiti driving licenses are issued for periods of up to ten years depending on the driver’s age. Once the license runs out it can be renewed in less than a day at the Traffic Department that originally issued it. Documents required include original and copies of passport and civil ID, old driving license and three passport-sized photographs. An application form must be typed and submitted.

Whether an eye test is required by a driver who does not wear glasses depends on the driver’s age. Drivers up to the age of 40 are exempt from the test and are given a ten year renewal of their driving licenses for KD10. A driver between the ages of 40 and 50 is also exempt but his license is only renewed up to his 50th birthday. Drivers who are 50 years or older must undergo an eye test at the MPH clinic in Qortuba. Provided they pass the test, drivers aged 50 to 55 are given a 5-year renewal of their license, those aged 56 a 4-year renewal, those aged 57 a 3-year renewal, those aged 58 a 2-year renewal and those aged 59, a one-year renewal. Drivers who are 60 or older get a 3-year renewal (for KD3) after passing the eye test and may renew their licenses every three years thereafter provided they pass the eye test each time.


When an expatriate’s residence permit lapses or is canceled, his driving license also becomes invalid. The driving license becomes valid again when residence is renewed.

source: Kuwait pocket guide


  1. I think you should get it. Did you try at the Muroor with the required documents?

  2. Sir,
    My Job title in work permit is Restaurant Manager working here for 10+ years. I’m not a degree holder. I’m earning 600+ KD as salaray+allowance. But my salary alone is less than 400 KD. Can I apply for Kuwait Driving licence?

  3. Sir,
    I have UAE Driving License.
    How can i get Kuwait driving License? my salary is 425kd
    Should I have to Exchange or should I have to get as if I am new Leaner?

  4. if you meet the other requirements, then you will get the license without much issues. you can covert your UAE driving license to Kuwait driving license. You will need to submit the application along with the UAE NOC to the murror

  5. last week, i read in the news paper that There is a new Rule from wakil wizarat dakhiliya li shooun al moroor (liwaa mahmoud al dosari), for getting a driving license.
    they will give a driving license for those who Do Not hold university degrees, under 2 conditions:
    1. to have a High salary
    2. has been living for a Long period in kuwait.
    is this TRUE??? and did they start with it????

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  8. Anonymous says:


     i am living in kuwait for last 3 years . i am working as Draftsman . and my salary is 400 KD . but i dont have university degree . i am diploma holder . is there any chance to get license . plz help . thanks

  9. hi friends,


    I am working in kwt for 1.5 yrs now, having salary of 600kd. my designation is computer technician. am a graduate engineer.


    is it possible to get license??





  10. Hello Rupa,

    One of the three criteria is to have 2 year completion in Kuwait. Check if you are in the exception list mentioned in the comment

    From the name, I presume you are female. If you are married and have children, you can get the housewife exception. If your job title in the work permit is Engineer also you can get the exception.

  11. I meet all three conditions except my originals are not attested from Mumbai University yet. which leaves me with 2 met conditions

    1- More than 2 years stay in Kuwait

    2 – Salary is KD 400

    What are my chances of getting a driving license if i go ahead and show them all this with my non-attested university degree ?


    Appreciate your prompt reply.



  12. you have little chance as the certificates are not attested. I have personally experianced it.

  13. Hi Vinoy,

    I am working in one of the prominent companies in kuwait. My job title in the work permit is ‘Masool’ mean ‘In Charge’. My salary is 350 and I am in kuwait since the last 7 years.

    As my job requires me to visit differnt locations in Kuwait, I have been provided with a company transportation. But

  14.  HI

    I m a Student And Doing My CAT from institute.I heard That unless Theres no University Papers You Cant Get A License as a student.But CAT and ACCA are not done in Universities.They Are done in Institutes.What shall i Do to Get my License as A student?

    THnx And Regards

  15. Isaac Thomas says:

    Hi, I’m Isaac. I’ve been in Kuwait for the past 15 years. Now I’ve completed my 12th grade here. Now I want my driving license . I’m on dependent resident visa of my dad and he has a salary of more than KD 400. Is it possible for me to get Kuwait driving license? I’m passed 18 years of age. I have license in India also.
    Do reply..
    Thank you.


  16. I am afraid you will get the license. You do not meet any of the requirements.

  17. Thank you very much for the excellent and useful subject.

  18. hi,

    my title isnt engineer, living in kuwiat for 8 months now,but i have a degree certifcate, salary of 540/- and also i have an oman’s driving licence which is valid till 2013.



    1) do i have to show my original degree certificate?

    2) can i just transfer my muscat licence to kuwiat licence without having to go through the degree and profession hassles?





  19. zeeshan mohamed says:

    hi, i had recently changed my aqama from computer fanni to driver, n had completed 2 yrs in kuwait, can u tell me what i have to do now to get istemara. please do reply

  20. You can transfer the license, but you will have to show the degree certificate attested.

  21. If the aqama says the title as driver, it is really easy to get the istemara and the license. go to your murror and apply for the same

  22. Rejimon Ramakrishnan says:

    Hi Binoy,
    I am a resident of kuwait and wish to transfer my Saudi driving licence(Light vehicle) which was expired in 2002. Is it possible to transfer to Kuwait? If possible,what are the procedures for the same?

  23. Recently a friend of mine has transfered the UAE driving license to Kuwait licence. The Muroor staff has asked him to produce some document, an attestation from the UAE ministry of interior as an NOC, from UAE ministry. In your case, since the license is already expired, I doubt you might not be able to produce a similar document.

    If you meet all the other requirements to get the driving license, then you could try converting the license from saudi to kuwaiti, which is unlikely to happen; otherwise you should follow the same procedure.

  24. Ajaj a Mahadik says:


    my title is service Technician, living in kuwiat for 5years,salary is 400KD, and I am Diploma in Mechanical Engineer, is it i m Eligiable to apply for Driving License as i have Read it in some website that Techincal Staff can apply it?

    thanks and  Regards,

    ajaj a mahadik

  25. You can go ahead and apply for the license at the traffic office. You just need to follow the procedure as you are eligible for it.

  26. Hi,

    Would be great if you could clarify the following.

    I am currently working in Qatar holding Qatari driving license and Indian driving license. I am soon taking up a job in Kuwait and moving to Kuwait. My Qatari visa would be cancelled when i move.

    Will I still be able to use my Qatari driving license to obtain a Kuwati driving license? 




  28. I am not sure about this. The best way for getting the license is to follow the normal process. There is nothing called “vasta fees” . It is pure bribing if you need to pay them. I suggest you to apply as normal.

  29. Please post your related questions under the questions section

  30. Hi, My designation is Funny and my salary is 418KD…and i am university graduate and attested and one year back i got istamara now o went submit paper to get license card officer telling me to submit paper in asma marur there will any issue . Please advice there chance to reject ?????????

  31. narayana says:

    I am staying with my family more than 7 years. I would like to take driving license for my wife. She is a doctor. Her doctor degree attested. Earlier, she worked in kuwait private clinics. Now she is not working. Her visa was transferred to family visa. I am having more than 1500KD salary. We are having two children. They are studying high school. Is it possible to get driving license in Kuwait for my wife or not. Please advise me.

  32. Hi,
    I’m having valid uae and saudi license.Is it possible to convert the uae license into kuwait without test.

  33. hi and thanks for the actual blog post ive recently been searching regarding this specific advice online for sum hours these days as a result thanks gdadeekbfcbc

  34. Dear sir,

    Here in kuwait, I m working as mechanical supervisor and having Technician visa. Am I eligible to get driving license in Kuwait
    Please inform me the procedure to get driving license.
    K Pednekar

  35. Anand Periyasamy says:

    I am anand, recently reached Kuwait. I am having the United states driving license and Indian driving license also. could you pls anyone clarify me what is the procedure to be followed when I have a us driving license. if any translation and attestation is required whether I need to get U.S embassy or indian embassy for copy of DL attestation

  36. To get the driving license in Kuwait the following conditions should be met by the individuals applying for the Kuwait Driving License

    1. Be a resident of Kuwait for a period of 2 years prior to the application.
    2. Hold a university degree.
    3. Earn a minimum salary of KD 400

    The categories exempted from these regulations are :

    • Housewives with Children
    • Doctors
    • Professors
    • Teachers
    • Nursing Staff
    • Translators and interpreters
    • Accountants
    • Managers
    • Counselors
    • Journalists
    • Company Heads
    • University Students
    • Teaching Staff
    • Engineers
    • All diplomatic staff

    try your luck, if not in above

  37. gvgeorge27 says:

    I am a graduate Engineer & mY salary is 350 kd
    Engineer is not mentioned in civil id.

  38. Anonymous says:


    im having a degree of computer engineer, and my salary is 450kd , theres any chance for me to apply a kuwait driving license ?

    best regards,

  39. Anonymous says:

    Dear Binoy

    I went to Hawally Muroor with all my papers and i meet all the condition of an engineer but still they said to come after 2 years of stay in kuwait

  40. I am working in kuwait from 6 yrs.
    I am University Graduate.
    I am a Laboratory Technician in a hospital.
    But my salary is 375 kd which is less than 400 kd
    Can I get driving licence.

  41. Anonymous says:

    im abdulkareem born in kuwait im salesman and getting a salary of 450kd but im not a degree in thts case can i get the liecense or not
    thank you

  42. yes, you can… there are some formalities to be followed. you might need to get the qatar license atteted from qatar ministry…. check with muroor

  43. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am a house wife with children. I am an engineering graduate and my certificate is attested. Please inform me the procedure to apply for the driving license and the expenses also. I have Indian driving License.

    Thanks & Regards


  44. found the following link where the fines are detailed

  45. it will be difficult for you to get the driving license I guess…

  46. yes, you are eligible to get the driving license. Follow the procedure and get the driving license

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. what is your job title in the work permit? even if you are a graduate or engineer, if the title in work permit is not engineer or the one listed above, you will not get the driving license without completing 2 years

  49. I do not think there might be any waiver on the salary clause. did you go to the muroor and checked. If not, you can try that.

  50. Hi Binoy, i heard that usually they are not issuing licence means they are only looking for money or vasta its true kya if yes then what should be vasta fees, I fall under exempted category and having all attested degree certificates…could you please comment..thankx…

  51. currently i am working as an IT Administrator in co. but on my civil id its written ‘computer finni’ and salary is 275KD so is there any chance i can get it??

    Or when the next Aqama will come and i change my post as Accountant will it work? and is this tough to change my post on Aqama??

    Will really appreciate your reply…thanks..


  52. @Mohammad – with your current salary you may not get the license. now the question is if you change the job title, still I think you need to meet the other requirements to get the license

  53. Anonymous says:

    I have a UAE driving licence since 1996, can i exchange it with kuwiati driving licence?

  54. I have a QATAR driving licence since 2007, can i exchange it with kuwiati driving licence?

  55. Hi,

    I would be very greatful if I could heve the timings for the Eys test Centre at Qortuba and their phone nos.

  56. Muhammad Atif says:

    I am working as Finance Manager since April 2009 and holds a chartered accountant certificate from Pakistan. My designation in the work permit is General Manager and Salary of KD 2,000. Can i get the driving license?

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